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Ipswich – one of the safest cities in Massachusetts!

The Ipswich Chamber of Commerce is a nonprofit community based group of individuals, businesses, non-profits and area organizations committed to improving the economic well being of the town of Ipswich. The association works with all available resources to improve the image of the town of Ipswich and foster a positive climate of economic prosperity.

The Ipswich Chamber’s work is primarily focused on four areas, each managed by a Working Committee made up of both Board members and Chamber members-at-large. These committees are: Programs & Events, Outreach & Membership, Government & Community Relations and Business Support.

Our 2015 Board Members include:

Bob McNeil (President) 978-356-2916 ipswichford@comcast.net
Lisa Shanko (Vice-President) 978-518-9594 Lisa.Shanko@td.com
Mary Foote-Hill (Treasurer) 978-225-1355 Mfoote-hill@institutionforsavings.com
Marcia Gray (Secretary) 978-356-5472 marciagray1@verizon.net
Ron Elkin (Past-President) 978-312-1261 computerdoctorusa@comcast.net
Kerrie Bates 978-375-0324 kerrieb@ipswich-ma.gov
Ray Morley (Past-President) 978-356-2431 ray.morley@verizon.net
Janel Maysonet 978-356-8105 jmaysonet@firstipswich.com
James L. Wiese Associate Board Member

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